Aminoade 30 serves


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Hybrid Nutrition Aminoade is a complete intra-workout amino acid supplement.

Like all products in the Hybrid range you get full clinical dosing on every ingredient to ensure you get the best possible performance.

Each serve packs:

3000mg Glutamine: Great for immunity and preventing muscle breakdown

2500mg L-Leucine: Needed for muscle protein synthesis

2000mg Taurine: Aids in cell hydration and increases blood flow

1500mg L-Alanine: Critical for the production of glucose, therefore energy

1250mg Isoleucine: Important part of BCAA’s, moderated effect on protein synthesis

1250mg L-Valine: The remaining amino acid BCAA’s

You also get added electrolytes for re-hydration.

This provides everything that your body needs while you train to signal growth and recovery.these do not require digestion so can go directly into the bloodstream. This is where they’re absorbed and utilised for recovery.

Clinical dosing means you get what you need and nothing else. Amino acids compete for absorption in the muscles and bloodstream. This is why Hybrid formulated this with exactly what you need. No space was wasted with useless fillers or non-essential amino acids. The right ingredients in the right amount at the right time.

When taken in this fashion it can have a dramatic effect on recovery and performance.

The advantage of free-form amino acids is they don’t require digestion. This means they can be used almost immediately for use in the working muscles.

Waiting until post-workout is ok-however best results come from intra-workout nutrition.

This not only fuels great recovery but also promotes better performance while you train.

Amino acids compete for absorption in the body so it's critical to take in the right ones in the right amount/ratio. Hybrid has nailed this formula with exactly what you need and no wasted space//fillers.


Mix 1 serve of Hybrid Nutrition Aminoade in 700ml water and sip throughout your workout. This is also great to drink throughout the day for recovery/hydration.


If fat/weight loss is your goal, then try using Hybrid Nutrition ACTV8 Shred as a pre-workout. This makes an ideal workout stack when combined with Hybrid Nutrition Aminoade.