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Carbohydrates are easily the most misunderstood macronutrient when it comes to fuelling performance. Carbohydrates get converted to glycogen in the body and this is the bodies preferred source of fuel to use physical activity. By ensuring you have an ample supply of carbohydrates in your body you will give your body the best chance to perform at its peak.

Axe & Sledge Demo Day uses a variety of patented carbohydrates including:

  • Carb10™ 15g - Sourced from pea's, this low-gi carbohydrate increases glycogen stores without causing an insulin spike or gastric upset.
  • Cluster Dextrin® 12g - Another readily & easy to digest carbohydrate source that keeps blood sugar levels stable.
  • Palatinose™ 2g - A low-GI carbohydrate source that doesn't cause an insulin spike.

Axe & Sledge have not stopped there though, they have also included GlycerPump to increase nutrient delivery and pumps, along with Cinnamon Bark & Alpha Lipoic Acid to boost insulin sensitivity.

If you are looking for a supplement to increase your performance while training, increase energy levels, deliver a skin-stretching pump or give you a fuller look, then look no further than the powerhouse Demo Day.