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Austraila's #1 selling & most effective fat burner capsule on the market today.

60 serves 

60 x 550mg capsules


As summer approaches, the desire for a beach body gets even stronger. Sadly, many of us find it extremely difficult to lose those layers of fat quickly. If you are one of those, forget your troubles and start taking the insanely powerful fat burner Battle Burn


Probably, the most powerful weight loss supplement currently available on the Australian market, this insane fat burner packs  carefully selected ingredients. 

These ingredients work synergisticall to; increase fat burning, boost metabolism, and support energy. Simply put, Battle Burn is powerful enough to melt even the most stubborn fat in your body. 

The added caffeine keeps you alert and helps burn more fat while other mood-enhancing substances lift your mood and support cognition. 

Most notably, you could take Battle Burn to lose those extra layers of fat or as a pre-workout supplement to improve performance at the gym. 


Take 1 capsule twice daily, most effective time is on empty stomache 20 min before eating.

Make sure you keep water intake up approx 3lts per day.

Allow 4-5hr time space before sleep.


Nutrition Panel                Ave qty per serving                   Ave qty per 100g serving


Higernamine HCL                       25mg                                                4.35

Hordenine HCL                           50mg                                                8.60

Denbrobium Extract                   50mg                                                8.69

Caffeine Anhydrous                    300mg                                              54.54

Green Tea Extract 40% EGCG    75mg                                                13.04

4-Hydroxphenylalanine              50mg                                                8.69