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If you want the most powerful ingredients in fat fighting combined into one fat fighting supplement, look no further than CLA + Carnitine by BPI Sports

This product has been designed to help you torch fat faster than you’ve ever seen before and best of all, contains no stimulants at all. This means you won’t get any unwanted crashes from using the supplement and even better, you won’t get those nasty withdrawal headaches that can occur when you start using too much caffeine.

When you use CLA + Carnitine by BPI Sports, instead, you’ll receive:
  • Improved rates of fat oxidation in the body
  • Accelerated use of fat as fuel by the body, especially during exercise
  • Improved muscular endurance – you’ll find you’re not nearly as tired during your workout and can push harder for longer in the gym
  • Enhanced cholesterol profile – CLA is great for keeping your heart disease risk in check
  • Improved loss of fat from those stubborn regions such as the hips, thigh and butt
  • Improved thermogenesis thanks to the inclusion of coconut oil, which can serve to boost your resting metabolic rate
  • May notice improved concentration rates and cognitive function both in the gym and on a day to day basis at work
  • May help to boost overall recovery from exercise so you bounce back from each workout faster than ever before
  • Reduced incidences of muscle soreness, which can keep you away from the gym and slow the rate of progress down
  • More stabilized blood glucose levels

CLA + Carnitine by BPI Sports is a great product for both those who are exercising regularly as well as those who aren’t but are just looking to burn fat. No matter what your particular program is, you can benefit from getting this into your day.