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The importance of branched chain amino acids can’t be stated enough. This important nutrient is required in order to produce maximum energy output in every single workout you do as well as to help harness your own natural recovery reserves to ensure you build muscle as quickly as possible.

Many people do a great job of picking up a protein powder to use after their workout session but completely overlook the fact that during exercise, your muscles have specific needs as well.

  • See accelerated rates of recovery in the gym – no more downtime spent trying to heal muscle tissues. 
  • Improve your energy levels during the gym. amino acids can actually also provide muscular fuel, so you perform to your peak during your exercise session
  • Improve your ability to handle fatigue
  • Improve your natural hydration levels, which can help enhance endurance and muscle strength

All 9 Amino by Dymatize is a complete branched chain amino acid blend that will give you everything that you’re looking for in a intra-workout supplement