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EHPLabs Oxywhey is a lean protein blend.

This is designed to support both lean muscle mass and fat loss programs.

It is made from 70% WPI,20% WPC and 10% Casein for a sustained release effect protein that is perfect for anytime throughout the day and very light on the stomach.

Whey protein is very high in BCAA’s making it the ideal choice around training times. Fast recovery and easy digestion make this the best choice. Whey protein in particular is naturally very high in branched chain amino acids. This makes it ideal for muscle growth and repair. These signal protein synthesis and start the rebuild process. We don’t grow in the gym-quite the opposite. As soon as training it done the recovery process should begin straight away. 

EHP Labs Oxywhey also contains micellar casein. This is a slower digesting form of protein which can take as long as 8 hours to be fully digested. This will keep you fuelled with amino acids for longer periods of time.

A blend of whey and casein has also been researched to be more effective for protein synthesis.

In addition to this EHPLabs Oxywhey has a fat loss support complex with added MCT’s to fuel the use of fat for energy. These are a readily available energy source and will also keep you fuller for longer. Fats slow digestion which means EHP Labs Oxywhey will keep you fuelled for longer.

It is also gluten free and tastes amazing! This is a very versatile protein powder and tastes amazing. It’s blended nature makes it ideal for using in cooking and baking.


Mix 1 serve of EHPLabs Oxywhey in 400ml water and consume in the morning with breakfast and again post-workout.


For a great pre-workout to boost energy and performance in training Oxyshred from EHP Labs is a great choice.This makes a great pre/post workout fat burning stack when combined with EHPlabs Oxywhey.