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NEUROX FROM PURGESUPPS is a nootropic stim complex that contains everything you need to take your workout performance to the next level. This supplement has been carefully crafted to support better mind-muscle connection, mood, focus and energy.

This jam-packed formula will support everything you need for when you hit the gym, delivering a better mind-muscle connection so you can get through the hardest workouts. Better energy requirements so you can stay focused and motivated to smash through each set.

Neuro X by Purge Sports will give you pure energy and focus so you can get more out of your workouts each and every time. This nootropic/pre-workout is divided into two parts: an energy/stim matrix and a cognitive/neuro matrix.

Each ingredient is clinically dosed and fully disclosed, so you know exactly what you are having in each serving size. Purge Sports has created this nootropic product so you can take before your gym session to give you the energy and focus needed to smash it out.

When you have Neuro X by Purge Sports you’ll have
  • Support energy requirements
  • Support focus and cognitive function
  • Support better concentration
  • Support mind-muscle connection
  • Have a formula that is fully transparent and clinically dosed.

When it comes to focusing and energy requirements so you can hit it hard at the gym, look no further than Neuro X by Purge Sports. Get your hands on this nootropic stimulant and watch where your workouts will take you!