UPS Ultimate Slim Protein


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UPS ULTIMATE SLIM PROTEIN is a lean, thermogenic whey protein blend designed to help you burn off stubborn body fat and sculpt lean muscle, this results in tasty weight loss shakes.

our weight loss shakes provides 30g of quality protein per serve, comprising primarily of fast-digesting WHEY PROTEIN ISOALTE, together with WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE. This creates a sustained release of vital amino acids to support lean muscle growth and keep you fuller for longer.

In addition, our slim weight loss shakes contains a unique thermogenic blend of natural “fat burners” including L-CARNITINE, GREEN TEA EXTRACT, HYDROXY CITRIC ACID, L-TYROSINE, CITRUS AURANTIUM and CHROMIUM PICOLINATE, to increase metabolism and curb sugar cravings. With only 3g carbs and 2g fat, UPS ULTIMATE SLIM weightloss shakes will help you increase your daily protein intake while supporting fat loss and recovery from training. Available in a 908g tub including flavours such as Banana, Chocolate, Honeycomb, Strawberry and Vanilla.


UPS Weight Loss Protein Shakes are a powerful combination of lean whey protein and natural thermogenics makes it the perfect weight loss formula for both men and women looking to burn fat, tone lean muscle and boost energy.


  • Support lean muscle growth & repair
  • Burn stubborn body fat
  • Curb sugar cravings
  • Increase metabolism
  • Low fat & low carb
  • Suitable for men & women
  • Great tasting weight loss shakes


UPS ULTIMATE SLIM PROTEIN is best consumed immediately after weight training or intense exercise, or as a quality protein source throughout the day. In your UPS shaker, simply mix 2 scoops (40g) of UPS ULTIMATE SLIM with 200-250mls water or milk, shake for 10 to 20 seconds and enjoy!


Ultimate Slim Protein can be used in shakes, cooking and baking to create a high protein, low-calorie meals and snacks.