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The Vortex type shaker by the X Athletics is the most effective and powerful handheld drink mixer known to man. The newly revamped X Athletics Vortex is powered by a 16,000 rpm motor that tears through the thickest powders in the supplement industry with ease. It is also now a perfect 600ml size that will ensure this doesn't spill over the top of the lid when mixing your products! Your days of clumpy protein shakes are over. The X Athletics Vortex is the worlds ultimate portable drink mixer!

Perfect for a quick mix, that makes sure your supplements or powdered drinks are blended. Listed are some of the features that make this futuristic shaker your best partner for on the go;

  • Fill Vortex with desired liquid
  • Pour in powder
  • Start Vortex by pushing button
  • USB rechargeable, no batteries needed!!
  • Rinse under sink