Xendurance Extreme Endurance 1 week pack


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Through both Open Label and 3rd-Party Double Blind Placebo Controlled Studies, Extreme Endurance has been tested over the past decade to reduce soreness, improve stamina, and accelerate recovery. This product is trusted by Olympians and Professional athletes worldwide, not just for the benefits of athletic performance but for the overall health benefits. Extreme Endurance is proven to reduce oxidative stress which is the leading cause of many degenerative disease.

The Benefits:

  • 26% Reduction of Lactic Acid -> Less Muscle Soreness / Improves Performance*

  • 36% Reduction of Oxidative Stress -> Fights Free Radical Damage*

  • 6X Reduction of Creatine Kinase (CK) -> Faster Muscle Recovery Time*

  • Increase in Aerobic Threshold -> Last Longer, Go Harder*

  • Start feeling the benefits within 72 hours*

  • Certified by Informed-Choice & Informed-Sport**