10 health benefits of low carb diets

10 health benefits of low carb diets

Posted by Kris on 24th Jul 2019

1. Low carb reduces your appetite2. Low carb diets see faster results in the beginning3. A greater portion of fat loss comes from abdominal cavity4. Triglycerides tends to drop drasticlly5. Increase l … read more
5  reasons to drink Green tea

5 reasons to drink Green tea

Posted by Kristi on 23rd Jul 2019

1. Helps weight lossGreen teas has some serious fat burning properties. Some studies have found that the consumption of green tea is associated with weight loss, particularly around the abdominal … read more


Posted by Kris on 20th Jul 2019

While we all love being hyped up on stimulants during a maximum-effort weightlifting attempt, sometimes we want to maintain an even-keel during a high-volume training session. Non-stimulant compounds … read more

Welcome to Superior Nutrition

Posted by Kris on 15th Feb 2014

Welcome to Superior Nutrition's Online. Superior Nutrition was created by the people because so many people wanted a supplement store which had expert knowledge in supplements, nutrition & tr … read more