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  • >Skin splitting pumps

  • >Multi-stage caffeine

  • >Essential amino acids

  • >Nootropic focus blend

Brand new from EHP Labs is their “King of Pre-Workouts” Pride!

EHP Labs have teamed up with their very own Zac Perna to formulate an all-new pre-workout designed to help power through your workouts.

When it comes to a pre-workout, there are many factors that make a good product, but energy is key, and they have not cut any corners here!

This formula makes use of the trademarked, Pentaffeine™ 5-Stage Energy Release which combines a variety of caffeine sources to deliver energy all throughout your workout. Each source absorbs at a different rate, some fast, some slow and some in between - this will keep you pushing through your session and keep you from crashing!

Pumps are also important, helping improve nutrient delivery to the muscle which keeps them properly fueled and kick start recovery - plus your gym selfies will be on point!

A potent focus blend has also been included, designed to help keep you zoned in for your session.

Key Ingredients:

Pentaffeine™ 5-Stage Energy Release: This includes a blend of a variety of caffeine-containing ingredients. Including caffeine anhydrous, infinergy, yerba mate, green coffee extract and green tea extract - giving a solid 280mg of caffeine per two scoops

L-Citrulline: Boosts nitric oxide levels in the body, in turn improving blood flow and nutrient delivery.

Theobromine: This is a bitter alkaloid and one of the properties in chocolate responsible for that good mood feeling.

Essential Amino Acids: These are the building blocks for protein, they are not created in the body and need to be obtained by food (or supplemented.)