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Superior Nutrition Shakers will help you stand out from the rest with a beautiful look and feel with our custom logo looking fresh and ready for whatever you need them for the perfect companion for the gym, sauna, footy field or any active activity where you need to keep hydrated, fill it with your favorite Protein, Amino/bcaa, Pre-workout, water, Super tea or whatever you desire.

Superior Nutrition Shaker's are made from the highest quality BPA free durable plastic. These shakers have a durable flip-top lid that will not split, crack or warp, the mouthpiece is nicely rounded and smooth to give you a soft touch feel.

Superior Nutrition shakers are a frosted white color allowing you to see the measurement indicator to give you that flexibility to see exactly how much liquid you have inside your shaker.

Hand washing is recommended to give you a longer life from your shaker but can be placed on the top shelf only in the dishwasher if you wish (may wear the logo after time due to the extreme heat)