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Doom™ Pre-Workout just got darker!
Be warned this a very strong, fully dosed pre-workout for training at the next level!
Doom™ is an extremely advanced, super high strength pre-workout formula designed to significantly increase your energy during the phosphagen and anaerobic energy cycles of a workout, enhance mood / mental focus and comes with an anti-crash protocol.
Doom’s open label formula is heavily based on scientific research to optimize your workout to the maximum level achievable.
This will be a pre-workout experience you have never had before, but is not for the light hearted.
It contains 4000 mg of CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine plus AlphaSize® , Vitacholine, the No-tropic mushroom extract from Lion’s Maine and Reishi & so much more.

Available in Smashed Candy, Grape, Bubblegum & Green Apple.