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Legit Edge Pre-Workout by Legit Supps

Legit Edge is a clinically dosed preworkout formula containing a mega blend of nootropics, stims and Citrulline for massive pumps and incredible workout results!

Legit Edge features a massive 6,000mg of Citrulline Malate in every serve designed to stimulate energy and postpone fatigue levels for an enhanced, more efficient workout.

Benefits per Serving 

  • Aid blood circulation
  • Improved brain function
  • Powerful nootropics – Alpha GPC

The English Walnut extract found in Legit’s formula provides the body with a central nervous system stimulant giving you that much needed mood boost to push through those reps when you need it most.

Alpha GPC is great for brain function and focus as well as upping pump output during powerlifting and other weight-orientated exercises.

If you’re looking for a preworkout that helps you push past fatigue and encourages your body to search for that next level of training, then Legit’s Edge formula is the product for you.

Get that competitive edge with Legit’s Edge Preworkout and smash out each rep with nothing but power and confidence! Order yours today!